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Oh yes. It’s another one of those dresses.  I can’t get enough of these Chi Chi dresses – the perfect length, a beautiful necklace and covered in the more glorious lace. The ultimate girly frock. I have it in four colours now (dress addict much?) and I am loving this cute baby blue number, it’s stunning. I paired it with my grey New Look heels (which actually look quite blue toned here) and kept everything else simple – the dress says enough all by itself. This is the perfect outfit for a wedding, a party, or, as seen above, prancing around your garden for blog photos. (My neighbours think I’m weird)

 So, I have been a bit poorly recently, turns out I had some horrid virus that gave me the sore throat from hell (and now my boyfriend has it too, oopsie) so things have been a little slow this weekend. I’m having a catch-up day today, whilst in my PJ’s and it’s nice to feel human again. I’m also considering swapping my blog over from blogger to WordPress, do you guys prefer the Google+ log in to comment, or are you open to other methods? Let me know, as I love reading your comments and would hate for them to stop!

Dress – Chi Chi* | Shoes – New Look*